if you’re ugly can you still get thirst follows?

I wanna know why that lady has a dinosaurs head up her ass hole

these are the records i have that i’m willing to get rid of. fair warning now that i don’t buy records for rarity or value, i buy them because i like the music and i like listening to it lol so they won’t be like special test press /20 rare ass records

Turnover Magnolia - 1st press Aqua w/ mustard splatter /1000
(SOLD)Tigers Jaw Self Titled - 2nd press Black /500
Have Mercy Daisyhead Split - 1st press maroon* /300 (screened b-side)

* no sleep send out emails to everyone who ordered this press saying that there was a mistake with pressing and that all the maroon records are actually grey. so the record itself is grey but the pressing info is all still the same. i can screenshot the email for anyone who wants to see


Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake